婚姻Marriage (Negative)[英语名人名言]

All marriages are happy. It's living together afterwards that is difficult.
-- Anonymous


He believes that marriage and a career don't mix. So after the wedding he plans to quit his job.
-- Anonymous


It's not as GREat a day for the bride as she thinks. She's not marrying the best man.
-- Anonymous


Marriage is a romance in which the hero dies in the first chapter.
-- Anonymous


Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.
-- Anonymous


Marriage is bliss. Ignorance is bliss. Ergo...
-- Anonymous


Marriage is like a box of chocolates. You have to squeeze a few bottoms to make sure you like what you are getting.
-- Anonymous


Marriage is like a hot bath. Once you get used to it, it's not so hot.
-- Anonymous


Marriage is like a violin. After the music is over, you still have the strings.
-- Anonymous


Marriage is the only war in which you sleep with the enemy.
-- Anonymous


It is always incomprehensible to a man that a woman should ever refuse an offer of marriage.
-- Jane Austen


Marriage is low down, but you spend the rest of your life paying for it.
-- Baskins


The world has suffered more from the ravages of ill-advised marriages than from virginity.
-- Ambrose Bierce


MARRIAGE, n. The state or condition of a community consisting of a master, a mistress and two slaves, making in all, two.
-- Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, 1911


In the blithe days of honeymoon,
With Kate's allurements smitten,
I lov'd her late, I lov'd her soon,
And call'd her dearest kitten.
But now my kitten's grown a cat,
And cross like other wives.
O! By my soul my honest Mat,
I fear she has nine lives.
-- James Boswell, Life of Johnson


Insurance is like marriage. You pay, pay, pay, and you never get anything back.
-- Al Bundy, character on "married with Children," U.S. television show


Nothing says lovin' like marrying your cousin!
-- Al Bundy, character on "married with Children," U.S. television show


I hate work. That's why I got married.
-- Peg Bundy, character on "married with Children," U.S. television show


In matrimony, to hesitate is sometimes to be saved.
-- Samuel Butler


If variety is the spice of life, marriage is the big can of leftover Spam.
-- Johnny Carson


If you are afraid of loneliness, don't marry.
-- Chekhov


Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.
-- G. K. Chesterton


The most happy marriage I can imagine to myself would be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman.
-- S. T. Coleridge


Marriage is like a bank account. You put it in, you take it out, you lose interest.
-- Irwin Corey


I've sometimes thought of marrying, and then I've thought again.
-- Noel Coward


Marriage is a matter of give and take, but so far I haven't been able to find anybody who'll take what I have to give.
-- Cass Daley


I'd marry again if I found a man who had 15 million and would sign over half of it to me before the marriage and guarantee he'd be dead within a year.
-- Bette Davis


Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterwards.
-- Benjamin Franklin


Where there is marriage without love, there will be love without marriage.
-- Benjamin Franklin


love is the dawn of marriage, and marriage is the sunset of love.
-- French saying


A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.
-- Zsa Zsa Gabor


I'm an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house.
-- Zsa Zsa Gabor


love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Thank heaven. A bachelor's life is no life for a single man.
-- Samuel Goldwyn, immigrant-turned-famous-movie-producer, when told his son was getting married


love is blind and marriage is the institution for the blind.
-- James Graham


I don't think I'll get married again. I'll just find a woman I don't like and give her a house.
-- Lewis Grizzard


Marriage is a GREat institution, but who wants to live in an institution?
-- Marx Groucho, the film "Animal Crackers"


If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.
-- Katharine Hepburn


Bigamy is one way of avoiding the painful publicity of divorce and the expense of alimony.
-- Oliver Herford


Wedding is destiny, and hanging likewise.
-- John Heywood


It is amazing at how small a price may the wedding ring be placed upon a worthless hand; but, by the beauty of our law, what heaps of gold are indispensable to take it off!
-- Douglas Jerold, 1858


Marriage has many pains, but celibacy has no pleasures.
-- Samuel Johnson


I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years.
-- Sam Kinison


Marriage is a lottery, but you can't tear up your ticket if you lose.
-- F. M. Knowles


Many a man in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl.
-- Stephen Leacock


I have come to the conclusion never again to think of marrying, and for this reason, I can never be satisfied with anyone who would be blockhead enough to have me.
-- Abraham Lincoln, in a letter to Mrs. O.H. Browning, April 1, 1838


I belong to Bridegrooms Anonymous. Whenever I feel like getting married, they send over a lady in a housecoat and hair curlers to burn my toast for me.
-- Dick Martin


I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.
-- Groucho Marx


Politics doesn't make strange bedfellows, marriage does.
-- Groucho Marx


Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe.
-- Jackie Mason


There's a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic banking. It's called marriage.
-- James Holt McGavran


Marriage was all a woman's idea and for man's acceptance of the pretty yoke, it becomes us to be grateful.
-- Phyllis McGinley


Marriage is like a cage; one sees the birds outside desperate to get in, and those inside desperate to get out.
-- Michel de Montaigne


To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you're wrong, admit it; whenever you're right, shut up.
-- Ogden Nash


No woman marries for money; they are all clever enough, before marrying a millionaire, to fall in love with him first.
-- Cesare Pavese


It doesn't much signify whom one marries, for one is sure to find out next morning it was someone else.
-- Rogers


I guess the only way to stop divorce is to stop marriage.
-- Will Rogers


Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you said; after marriage, he'll fall asleep before you finish saying it.
-- Helen Roland


In olden times, sacrifices were made at the altar, a practice which is still very much practiced.
-- Helen Rowland


When a girl marries, she exchanges the attentions of many men for the inattention of one.
-- Helen Rowland


When you see what some girls marry, you realize how they must hate to work for a living.
-- Helen Rowland


I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry.
-- Rita Rudner


To marry is to halve your rights and double your duties.
-- Arthur Schopenhauer


Never marry for money. Ye'll borrow it cheaper.
-- Scottish Proverb


It is most unwise for people in love to marry.
-- George Bernard Shaw


Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity.
-- George Bernard Shaw


Morality consists in suspecting other people of not being legally married.
-- George Bernard Shaw


One cardinal rule of marriage should never be forgotten: "Give little, give seldom, and above all, give grudgingly." Otherwise, what could have been a proper marriage could become an orgy of sexual lust.
-- Ruth Smythers, Marriage advice for women, 1894


Marriage: A ceremony in which rings are put on the finger of the lady and through the nose of the gentleman.
-- Herbert Spencer


Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry.
-- Gloria Steinem


love is blind -- marriage is the eye-opener.
-- Pauline Thomason


Marriage isn't a word... it's a sentence.
-- King Vidor, in the 1928 film, The Crawl


Here's a toast to your new bride who has everything a girl could want in her life, except for good taste in men!
-- Wedding Toast


Marriage is a GREat institution, but I'm not ready for an institution.
-- Mae west


Long engagements give people the opportunity of finding out each other's character before marriage, which is never advisable.
-- Oscar Wilde


Marriage is the one subject on which all women aGREe and all men disaGREe.
-- Oscar Wilde


Men marry because they are tired, women because they are curious; both are disappointed.
-- Oscar Wilde


Marriage is a lottery in which men stake their liberty and women their happiness.
-- Madame de Rieux



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