50% Olympic teams have foreign coaches


Chinanews, Shenyang, November 23 – The last winter drill for 1,300 Chinese Olympic athletes has been kicked off in Shenyang, in which nearly 50% of the Chinese Olympic teams have been found to have foreign coaches.


Since the end of the previous Olympic Games, China has invited 50 – 60 foreign coaches, and currently there are 30-plus foreign coaches on the spot.


Most of such teams are potential gold medalists, and most of the foreign coaches are from Europe. For example, both Chinese basketball team and soccer team have European coaches. Fencing, wrestling, rowing, etc, have also invited European coaches.


The effort of foreign coaches has been proved to be effective, but Chinese athletes do not totally depend on them. Instead, China believes that foreign coaches will help improve communications between China and the rest of the world, which will be helpful to the development of sports worldwide.


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