At the Reception Desk在接待处 4


B:Ocrober 24.

A:Now everything's in order.And here is your key,Mr.Bradley.Your room number is 1420. It is on the14th floor and the daily rate is$90.Here is your key card with all the information on your booking, the hotel services and the hotel rules and regulations on it.Please make sure that you have it with you all the time.You need to show it when you sign for your meals and drinks in the restaurants and the bars.You also need to show it when you collect your key from the Information Desk.

B: OK.I'll take good care of it.

A: And now if you are ready,Mr.Bradley, I'll call the bell-boy and he'll take you to your room.

B: Yes, I'm ready.Thank you.

A:I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

B:I'll try.


Dialogue B

A:good morning!Can I help you?

B:good morning! I'm Mr.Doug lass in room 1208. My business negotiation has proGREssed much more slowly than I had expected.This makes it necessary for me to stay on here for another day.I wonder if it is possible for me to extend my stay at this hotel for two days.

A: I'll take a look at the hotel's booking situation. Yes, sir,I'm glad that we'll be able to accept your extension re-quest.But I'm afraid that it will be necessary for us to ask you to change rooms for the last two nights.You see,we have already let your room to another gentle-man.Is that acceptable to you?

B: Yes, that's no problem at all.

A: Let me see… room 1111 Will be vacant. How about room1111?

B:That is fine.

A:When would you like to move tomorrow?

B: I don't know.

A:The new occupant will be checking in a little after twelve.

B: That means I have to move out before 12. Let me see. I'll be leaving for the negotiation at 9∶30 tomorrow morning and I will not be returning to the hotel until sometime in the afternoon. So I'm going to have to do it before I go to the negotiation.Well,I think I will move at 9o'clock.

A: good.I will send a bellboy to your room and help youwith your luggage at 9 o'clock. And please remember to bring your key card to the reception desk when you pass it tomorrow so that I can change the room number on it.

B:I will.Thank you very much.


Words and Expressions


nationality      n.国籍

forward      v..发送,寄发

for warding address 转投地址

passport      n.护照

place of issue 发照地点

signature     n.签名

departure     n.离开

regulation      n.规章,规定,条例

negotiation      n.谈判;磋商

extension     n.延长日期

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