I want to go out 我想出去


A shop owner1 closed2 his shop and went home. He was3 very tired but just as4 he went to bed, the telephone rang. A man asked, "What time do you open your shop?"   The owner was angry about this phone call. He put down the telephone without answering and went back to bed. A few5 minutes later6, his telephone rang again and the man asked the same questions. The owner became7 very angry and he shouted, "You needn't ask me when I open the shop for I won't let you in."   "Oh, no, I don't want to get in," the man said8, "I want to go out now . "   一个店老板关闭了店铺,回家去了。他非常疲惫,但就在他刚躺下时电话铃响了。一个人问:“你什么时候打开你的店?”   店主很不高兴这个电话。没有回答,他放下听筒,回去睡觉。几分钟后,电话又响了,该名男子问同样的问题。店老板非常生气,他喊道:“你不用问我什么时候打开店铺,因为我不会让你……”   “哦,不。我不想进去,”那人说:“我想出去。”

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