Is that clock right? 这钟准确吗?


Dan was the doorman of a club in a big city. Everyday, thousands of people passed his door, and a lot of them stopped and asked him, What's the time, please?   After a few months, Dan said to himself, I'm not going to answer all those stupid people any more. I'm going to buy a big clock and put it upon the wall here. Then he did so.   Now people aren't going to stop and ask me the time, he thought happily. But after that, a lot of people stopped, looked at the clock and then asked Dan, Is that clock right?   丹在一个大城市的某个俱乐部当守门人。每天都有数千人经过他的门口,而且许多人都会停下来问他:请问现在几点?   几个月后,丹想:我不想再回答这些蠢人提出的问题了,我要去买一只大钟,把它挂在这儿的墙上。于是他买了一只钟,把它挂在了墙上。   现在人们总不会再停下来问我时间了。他高兴地想。可是打那以后,每天仍有许多人停下来,看看钟,然后问丹:这钟准吗?

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